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Member Spotlight: Francisco Moreno

Francisco Moreno, Tu Casa AZ

How did you get started with that you’re doing now?

Three years ago I was working full-time at San Miguel High School as the VP of Corporate Relations. I began by purchasing a couple of properties. I grew my business little by little and eventually I was able to leave my full-time job as I embarked on my journey as an entrepreneur.

What is a typical day (for you/running your business)?

I visit three to five different properties daily. I bid on two of houses that I view and hope to win one bid a week. I spend some of my day following leads and analyzing the real estate market in Tucson.

What is your top productivity hack?

Plan your day. Don’t let the day run you. I wake up everyday with a plan of what I want to accomplish.

Favorite part of La Suprema?

The community. I enjoy being around like-minded individuals. I thrive off of the entrepreneur spirit. La Suprema has great energy and vibes.

Best hidden gem in Tucson?

The food. Perfectos tamales. They are the reigning champion of best tamales in Tucson.

Coffee or Tea?

Tea, it helps me relax and unwind.

What inspires you?

Making an impact in my community and people's lives is inspiring. Seeing the houses that I flip and noticing when a new family moves into an updated home gives me a sense of purpose knowing that I am making an impact and an improvement the community.

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