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Meet Our Team!



Community Builder

Cultivating community through connection and caring for other humans is my lifeblood. I'm a Tucson native with a corporate and entrepreneurial background focused on building a positive environment for others. Serving and building at La Suprema is an honor that I cherish every day! Outside of work, you can find me spending time with my son and loved ones or exploring all the local food and coffee places around town.

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Growing up I was the ringleader in repurposing refrigerator boxes into our neighborhood clubhouse.  Creating a special community at La Suprema helping entrepreneurs and innovators do their best work feels like coming home. When I’m not at La Suprema, I spend time helping clients create great businesses and better lives. I love to cook, ride my bicycle and spend time with my husband – on the golf course or watching the Arizona sunsets with a glass of wine.

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Building teams and community and empowering people are inspiring for me.  As a kid who loved organized sports and later coached young people, I witnessed the transformation of the ‘I’ to the ‘We’ and have a keen sense of responsibility to recreate this value in my life’s work.  To meet people where they are in their journey and help them achieve their best – whatever their aspiration may be – team, group, community or individual.

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