Coworking Plans & Pricing 

We offer a variety of memberships for optimal flexibility: flex memberships, resident desks, suites, team suites, and day passes.  Suites range from small to large team offices to accommodate growing teams. We want La Suprema to be Your Place to Grow—with the flexibility that's right for you and your company.

COVID-19 has impacted all of our lives, from parents balancing work and becoming full-time teachers, navigating business climate changes, or on-boarding new clients virtually who need your support. That's why we're more flexible than ever. To learn more Reach out to Crystal, La Suprema's Community Manager or Schedule a Tour to experience the historic space. 


Learn about our Health & Safety Protocols. 

Experience La Suprema for the day, for free. Redeem your FREE DAY PASS with promo code VERDE.

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Flex Coworking

Enjoy cafe style seating in first come, first serve Flex area! Choose from the cafe, courtyards, and the annex, "Anexo" located just across the street. Take advantage of  huddle rooms to make a private call, or host a meeting!

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Resident Desk

Choose a desk to call your own from the Dedicated Desk area, made from custom butcher-block design. Use the stand up desk to take a break from your chair, hop into a huddle room to take a private call, or facilitate a two or three person meeting. 

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Private Suite

Furnished Private Suites include private or team office space with a lockable door. You'll have 24/7 access to La Suprema and enjoy conference and meeting rooms in addition to your own beautiful space!

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Virtual Office Members receive a professional mailing address, mail and package collection, access to all Member events, and more! Come work from the space for a day each month with your free day pass!

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Day Pass holders enjoy all the benefits of Flex Membership—just one day at a time. These passes can be purchased in a bundle of five as well. Come get to know the La Suprema community!

Purchase Day Pass 

Enjoy five days of coworking at La Suprema Works. Whether you're working from Tucson for the week, or are trying out coworking,  this is the perfect opportunity to get familiar with our community and space. 

Purchase 5 Day Pass

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Let's Compare Plans 

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