Health & Safety Protocols*


Updated May 15, 2021


At La Suprema, we prioritize your well-being and are actively adhering to CDC Guidelines (05.13.2021) as well as state and local directives.  We will continue to monitor local and national best practices, and will adjust procedures accordingly. 


In the CDC Guidelines, it states that risk of SARS-Covid-2 is minimal for fully vaccinated people and they may resume activities without wearing a mask with some exceptions. With this in mind, La Suprema is no longer requiring masks for any members or guests and is a “Mask Optional” business. You can learn more about the current guidelines here. . 


We will continue to support a clean and safe environment as any cold or illness threatens  our productivity and potentially impacts our livelihoods. 


Here’s what we will continue doing to provide a clean and safe place for everyone: 


Sanitation: Bathrooms, kitchen, and high touch areas are cleaned daily or more as needed. 


Professional Cleaning:  While we clean daily, we have a team of professional cleaners come in every weekend to deep clean all common spaces at La Suprema Works & Events and Anexo Works & Events. 


Hand-sanitizer: We’ve got you covered. Hand-sanitizer can be found in common areas throughout the building. Members and guests are asked to use hand sanitizer as they enter and exit the building to reduce transmission. 


Anti-bacterial spray: Providing private suites, huddle rooms, and conference rooms with anti-bacterial spray, or disinfecting wipes. We expect you to keep this in your office or in the common area in which you found it. 


Nanoseptic Self Cleaning Surfaces: A variety of handles, surface wraps and touchpoints have been installed on high-touch areas including door handles, coffee bar, water machine, and more. Learn more about Nanoseptic technology.  


iWave Air Purifiers: We have five iWave air purifying systems installed on all five of our HVAC units. Learn more about this technology’s reduction of COVID-19 here.  


Keyless access: Flex, Resident, and Suite Members will have keyless access through an application on their mobile phone or by key fob (for an additional charge). 

Motion sensored lights: All lights in the building are motion sensored and do not require touching a switch. 


Here is what we expect from our Members: 


There may be some members and guests who will still need or want to wear a mask for their own or a loved ones health. We support that choice and will not tolerate any harassment for that choice. 


Communicating: Letting La Suprema staff know if any area of the building needs attention. We’re here to ensure you’re in a comfortable, clean, and safe working environment. 


Clean Surfaces: Wiping down your office, huddle room, or office you used, or requesting a staff member to assist. It’s really helpful when we all work together. 


Client & Guest Management: Members are responsible for sharing our Health & Safety protocols with their guests and making sure they adhere to them accordingly.


For Members and Guests - Making the Right Decision: If you or someone in your household is showing symptoms or has been exposed to someone suspected of having COVID-19, we expect you to follow the most up to date CDC guidelines regarding your personal situation as a vaccinated or unvaccinated person. 


Terms & Conditions:

This Health and Safety Policy will be automatically adjusted or amended to reflect any greater or additional restrictions recommended by the [CDC or other local or regional directives] and will not be reduced or abridged except by written notice of Barrio Viejo Works and Events, LLC.


By your access or use of the Premises you do covenant and agree to abide by all terms and conditions of this Health and Safety Policy as it may be amended from time to time.  Further, by your access of the Premises, you do affirmatively acknowledge and agree that no measures or policies can fully mitigate the risk of exposure to infectious diseases and that by your access of the Premises you do freely assume the above-mentioned risks as well as other risks not listed that may arise as a result of your access and use of the Premises, and any harm, injury or loss that may occur to you or your property as a result of your access or use of the Premises or portion thereof—including any injury or loss caused by the negligence of Barrio Viejo Works and Events, its employees and officers, its contractors, and other licensees (collectively the “Released Parties”). 


In furtherance of the foregoing, by your access or use of the Premises you agree that you will, and hereby do release all Released Parties, from all liabilities, causes of action, claims, and demands that arise as a result of or is in any way related to your access or use of the space.  This release includes claims for the negligence of the Released Parties.  This release does not extend to claims for gross negligence, intentional or reckless misconduct, or any other liabilities that Arizona law does not permit to be excluded by agreement.  You also expressly agree not to sue or otherwise make a claim against the Released Parties in the event you contract any infectious disease or ailment.