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4 Reasons to Host Your Grad Party at La Suprema

Life's important accomplishments are worth celebrating! Graduation is just around the corner and La Suprema is the perfect place to host your special celebration. Perfect for 8th grade, high school, and college graduation parties. Here are 4 reasons why you should host your next graduation celebration at La Suprema.

1. Showstopping Venue

Our space allows for a flexible event with both indoor and outdoor options. Our outdoor patio area is great for music, dancing, photo backdrops, a bar, or sitting to eat with family and friends. The space indoors includes a fully furnished kitchen with an area to set up catering or your food layout. This is very useful to keep the food fresh/protected and have enough space outdoors for all of your guests to socialize. La Suprema has a very clean and modern look while still feeling cozy and personable.

2. Free Parking

When you book our venue it also includes free parking for all of your guests. Located in the Barrio of Tucson, La Suprema has a full parking lot reserved for all guests. This eliminates the worry of your neighborhood being lined with your guests' vehicles or trying to find parking in a busy area of town.

3. Customizable Space for Your Needs

Our event area is fully customizable to accommodate your décor, centerpieces, seating layout for your guests, and for any catering needs. Our outdoor furniture is interchangeable for your event, we just ask that the furniture gets put back accordingly. We also have a long table space and bar stools in our kitchen area to use for food trays, dessert bars, or a spread of food.

4. Fully Furnished

La Suprema offers a fully furnished space for your event. We have numerous round style tables, long tables, outdoor couches, outdoor umbrellas, string lighting, and a few tables and seating inside. You won't have to worry about furnishings to make your event special because La Suprema offers inviting and beautiful decor.

For inquires or questions about our event space visit us here.

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