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5 Signs a Resident Desk is for You

Looking for a new spot to work but not sure what option is right for you? La Suprema’s Resident Desk option might be the solution for you! Our resident desk is the perfect middle ground between Coworking and a private office. While it offers a dedicated work area and a private filing cabinet, it still has the open-air community feel of being in the Coworking space. If you’re not sure if a private office, is for you, here are some reasons why a resident desk might benefit you!

1. You hate lugging your laptop to work everyday

My chiropractor will be the first to tell you- carrying heavy bags/backpacks everyday can be terrible for your back! Especially for our members that live nearby and bike or walk to work, having to pack & carry a heavy bag every day can become a pain (literally!). Luckily, with our resident desks, members can leave whatever they like on their desk. From laptops, to monitors, to keyboards, no need to worry about lugging your equipment to and from work every day. Not to mention, our space is super secure. With secure electronic access & security cameras, there’s no need to wonder if your valuables will be safe with us.

2. A private office is out of your price range

Private offices can be a big expense. Especially for remote workers or freelance workers, a private suite can be out of the desired price range. With our resident desks, the cost is nearly half of what a normal office would be. The resident desk is a more affordable solution for those looking for a personal desk and workspace.

3. You love community

A huge benefit of working from the resident desk is becoming a part of the La Suprema Community! Unlike other offices, we emphasize community first here at La Suprema. All of our members come from different walks of life, which means theres always someone to learn from or strike up a conversation with. We also have member events for members to meet and network. Our monthly happy hours are a fun way we build community and de-stress!

4. You need storage space

Our resident desks come with a private, lockable filing cabinet. These filing cabinets offer extra space to store whatever you might need. Best of all, they come with the desk so there is no need to worry about transporting or moving them. Whether you need to store important documents, technical equipment, or maybe just extra snacks, you’ll never have to worry about storage space with our resident desks.

5. You need coffee to start your mornings

If you need coffee before you can even start a conversation in the morning, don’t worry, you’re in good company. At La Suprema, we always have fresh, locally ground coffee every morning for our members. If coffee isn’t your cup of tea, we can also make you a cup of tea! Our full kitchen is always stocked with snacks, tea, coffee, and other goodies.

Think a resident desk at La Suprema could be for you? Take a virtual tour or schedule a time to stop by and check out our space for yourself! We are always looking to welcome new members to our community.

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