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8 Tips for Planning Your First Event in a Long Time

As life has completely turned upside down in the past year, so have our events. While hosting and attending in-person events came to a sharp halt, we moved towards creating new ways to connect and gather.

Zoom and virtual events became the new norm as in-person gatherings stopped in their tracks due to Covid-19. Event coordinators used this time to innovate as people felt the need to connect (more than ever) during a period of isolation.

Over a year into the pandemic, life is slowly regaining its normalcy as vaccines are widely distributed. While social-distancing, wearing a proper mask, and avoiding large crowds are still recommended, small gatherings and events are happening again.

Looking towards the summer & fall, we foresee smaller events coming back after a period of social deprivation. Here at La Suprema Works & Events, we're beginning to host outdoor gatherings such as happy hours, bridal showers, and birthday parties. Our 2,500 square feet courtyard is the perfect, open-air environment for your next special event.

Last weekend, we hosted our first birthday party for a member, with ~30 guests. As guests trickled in, the host looked at me and said, "Most of these people haven't seen each other in a year. It is so special to just be together in a beautiful space."

We couldn't agree more, so here are some of our top tips for planning your next event, after a year of staying at home:

Live Entertainment

If there’s one thing we’ve missed during the pandemic, it’s live music! Supporting local musicians and artists is more important than ever. Tucson is home to some incredible musicians. Having live music at your event not only supports the arts but brings a fun, lively aspect to any gathering. We personally love mariachi bands!

Marry Now, Party Later

No matter how you envisioned your wedding day, the pandemic likely threw a wrench in your plans. For couples with wedding dates this year, they may have difficulty adjusting their plans. A common trend for couples is to host small ceremonies on their original wedding date while postponing the large reception for later on.

A small, intimate wedding ceremony with family and friends can be very special. Even though most couples are not able to have a party with an extensive guest list right now, weddings can still happen! Couples can exchange wedding vows in an intimate setting while planning a large celebration with friends, extended family, and coworkers for a later date. After all, who doesn’t want two celebrations?

Hybrid Events are the New Norm

Online and virtual events have grown in popularity due to everyone being stuck inside. As vaccines become more available and Covid rates continue to decline, in-person gatherings are slowly coming back, however, hybrid events will likely dominate in the coming years. Hybrid events are unique as they allow individuals to gather in small groups in person, while still connecting with those that may not be able to meet in person. Hybrid events will be at the forefront of national and international events. We've hosted groups in the past for hybrid events at La Suprema. With our speedy wifi, unlimited coffee, & spacious conference rooms with full A/V and HDMI, we can provide all the tools you need to have a successful hybrid event.

Outdoor is In

Covid or not, there’s nothing worse than being crammed in a stuffy building with a crowd! Open-air spaces for events will continue to grow in popularity as events come back. Not only will people feel more comfortable being outdoors, but outdoor events provide a unique environment. Outdoor venues will likely be more and more popular in the upcoming year. Spaces with outdoor patios, like La Suprema, will be wonderful for small gatherings.

Health is Wealth

Everyone is doing their best this year to stay as healthy as possible! One of the many ways folks are trying to be healthier is through their food. Certain foods have immunity-boosting properties. An abundance of healthier, fruit and vegetable-forward dishes are likely to show up at events more and more. Additionally, venues are becoming conscious of the different allergies and sensitivities among people. Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free catering options are continuously expanding and giving people of all dietary needs more options at events.

Sustainability is Key

Events are going green in 2021! We will begin to see an even bigger emphasis on making events eco-friendly and as sustainable as possible. There are more ways than ever to incorporate sustainability into any event. Simple things, such as recycling at an event, to making a completely waste-free event are all great ways to incorporate sustainability into any event.

Wellness is the Way to Go

This past year, the stress of Covid and the uncertainty of the world led to an increased emphasis on wellness. As people began recognizing the importance of taking care of one’s body and brain, activities such as yoga, meditation, and journaling became popular. These types of activities will likely feature at events more and more. Even in Zoom events, a short meditation or journaling breaks can go a long way and help with attendees’ retention. Using meditation apps or books can help you stress less - after all, we know how stressful event planning can be!

Individualized Experiences

Even as in-person events slowly begin to resume, the trend of keeping things an individual will likely continue. When it comes to food and beverages, individually sized portions are the way to go. Potlucks and buffets are a thing of the past. Individual goodie bags and wrapped favors are a fun way to show appreciation for guests and attendees.

As summer approaches, it is the perfect time to start planning outdoor gatherings like barbeques and graduation parties. There are so many unique & innovative ways to enhance your upcoming events! Booking a beautiful venue is a great place to start. La Suprema is currently taking reservations of our space for events!

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