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Beautiful Murals of Tucson, AZ

Tucson is known for its diversity and celebrated cultures. There are over 100 murals in Tucson that exhibit the embracing inclusivity that the old Pueblo is known for. You can find these beautiful murals in various parts of the city and are a testament to the amazingly talented local artists Tucson is lucky to have.

Check out these few murals that give Tucson bragging rights!

You can’t talk about Tucson murals without the beautiful TUCSON mural! This beauty displays the exquisite diverse artistry of Tucson. Created by 6 different artists, the mural really exemplifies the diverse community we call home. You can spot this mural on the corner of Speedway Blvd. and Stone Ave.

Although this treasure is not a mural on a wall, this marvelous street art was created in August of 2017 down at the historic 4th Avenue in Tucson. Throughout the years, the colors have faded but the significance of the painted sidewalks continually reinforces the message of acceptance, inclusion, and kindness.

This mural depicts whales dancing among a beautiful Arizona sunset. The artist describes his mural as being able to strive even through the most challenging circumstances. You can find this majestic beauty out on the southeast corner of Grant Rd. and Campbell Ave.

During the 2020 BLM movement, the artist Camila Ibarra created this beautiful mural on the side of Historic Hotel Congress as a statement and became and active participant during the peaceful protests! Make sure to put this mural on your must see list!

This colorful beauty can be found in the heart of the barrio. It tells the story of the history of the neighborhood and a tribute to the building itself. This mural painting was assisted by our own personal co-owners! You can admire this lovely mural on the north side of the La Suprema Works and Events building on Simpson St & Main Ave.

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