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Behind the Scenes with Me (a Tucson Coworking Space Community Manager)

Hey everyone, I did a thing!

I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing with Jamie Russo, coworking trend expert and coworking space owner, on the Everything Coworking podcast.

I've been a Community Manager at La Suprema Works & Events for a little over a year now, and helped amazing Co-Founders, Gina Catalano and Katina Koller, open the Tucson coworking space during a global pandemic. Spoiler alert: it's been a wild ride!

If you’re curious about my story (How did I discover the coworking industry? Where am I even from?!), how I contribute to the business and how I manage my time, then go ahead and press play!

pssst this is what Co-Founder Gina had to say about the episode:

"Katina and I have LOVED having Alex on our team since Day ONE. However, this podcast interview where she shares her background, her passions and why she chose Tucson as her home makes us so proud, we can hardly stand it."

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