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Finding the Perfect Event Venue

A day of celebration is on the horizon. Whether it be a graduation party, birthday gathering, or retirement celebration, you need to find a place that will be perfect for your event.

When considering where you will host your next event there are many factors to consider such as the budget, how many guests will be attending, and does the venue meet your needs and accommodations.

Event planning can be overwhelming, but don't stress, La Suprema events has planning expertise and cultivated steps that will guarantee smooth sailing when you are looking for your next event space.

The Budget

Budgeting, when planning an event is essential for most. The first step is to write out what needs to be purchased for your event and estimate what you are planning on spending. This gives you an overview on how much of your budget you are willing to spend on a venue.

When creating your budget, do some research on the average price of event venues in the area you desire. It is important you know the scope of prices when considering venues.

Guest Count

How many people do you expect will attend your event? This will make a world of difference when it comes to event venues and your overall budget. The number of attendees can make the difference between renting out a large ballroom at a hotel or reserving space at La Suprema’s courtyard and café.

The Vision

Before picking out the perfect event space we suggest you create a vision of what you want your event to look like. Do you envision an indoors or outdoor event? What is your ideal layout for your event? What kind of atmosphere do you want to create? Consider what you want your guests and yourself to experience during your event. A great place to find inspiration is Pinterest!

Set the Date

Before you begin touring and contacting event venues, have a few dates picked out that will work for you. Most often during busy peak seasons, a venue may be booked on the date you first choose so having options is a great way to secure the space you want. Many times people schedule their events months and sometimes years in advance. If you have an idea of a date in mind you may want to act fast and get your event on the calendar.

Tour Your Favorites

It’s finally time to start visiting venues that may be hosting your next important event. Touring a venue is the perfect time to get a feel of the space. When on a tour look around and decide if you can envision your event come to life in that space. Another factor to consider is parking. It is crucial that there will be enough parking when the day your event comes around. At the end of a tour, it is the perfect time to ask questions and maybe even book the space so you don't miss out on the opportunity of securing the date you selected.

Contact Our Event Venue at La Suprema

La Suprema has a beautiful courtyard and café where people love to host birthday parties, graduation celebrations, anniversaries, baby showers and even small scale weddings. Arizona is on the verge of finally cooling down and now would be the perfect time for you to tour and book your next event at La Suprema!

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