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How we’re working to be the safest office space in Tucson

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

After nearly a year-long renovation, La Suprema Works opened its doors as a Tucson coworking space in early May 2020. As anspace that opened in Barrio Viejo during the pandemic, we’ve been following CDC guidelines from the very beginning of our operation. ince May, we have required face masks in all common areas, managing safe social distancing between Members, sanitized high touch areas multiple times daily, and deep cleaned shared spaces daily. Additionally, we have all new HVAC, plumbing, insulation and electrical.

But as cases are on the rise in Arizona, we’ve asked ourselves, how can we continue to improve safety for our Members?

We’re part of a shared office industry association who are committed to be leaders in safety for flexible office spaces. We’re staying up-to-date and learning from top industry experts on best practices in order to be the safest place to work in Tucson that isn’t your own home.

Here’s what we’re doing to keep our office space safe:

  • Last week we installed i-Wave Air Purifiers to all five of our HVAC units

  • We're using Nanoseptic self cleaning surface technology on high touch areas

  • Common areas are cleaned daily by our staff, and professionally cleaned at least weekly

  • Sanitation stations equipped with hand sanitizer, antibacterial spray and paper towels, are located in common areas, conference rooms, and every occupied private suite.

  • Motion sensored lights, soap dispensers, trash cans, and we were working to create more touchless solutions.

  • Requiring masks in all common areas. They are not required in private suites.

  • Managing social distancing in common areas — Community Manager Alex ensures that each flex member has a safe place to work, whether that's from a huddle room or spot in the common area with a six feet radius.

We appreciate that La Suprema Members are committed to y keeping our shared space safe for everyone by:

  • Respecting others by wearing masks in all shared spaces, and communicating with guests to do the same (we keep extras at the front desk in case anyone forgets).

  • Speaking of guests, Members are also limiting the amount of guests they welcome into their office, and many are continuing to host the vast majority of meetings online.

  • Having visual queues and laminated signs to indicate where they are working from and when they are done, so the area can be sanitized.

  • Communicating with our staff whenever something needs attention.

  • Using hand sanitizer when entering the building and using it frequently throughout the day!

  • Offering community and motivation for your workday through virtual events, community messaging and physically distant one-on-ones.

  • Leveraging our “fresh air” 2500 square foot courtyard (when it cools down - it will be amazing!)

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