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La Suprema Lunch: Devon Underwood

One of the ways we build community and continue conversations among members is by hosting the La Suprema Lunch series! A few times a month, we invite a speaker to discuss a topic on Zoom. On September 10, we were joined by Devon Underwood as she discussed hiring in the time of COVID-19.

Hiring well and quickly is the key to thriving through COVID without burning out your teams. Letting mission-critical positions go unfilled or selecting under-qualified people can strain your team, leave customers unhappy, and can make a stressful time worse. Get on top of your hiring needs, give yourself the best options, and onboard for success. We will walk through a simple process to give you and your company's leadership the edge in hiring.

Devon Underwood started The Talent Store after recognizing that recruiting firms and HR consultants are operating the same way they have for 20+ years. This is despite the fact that the talent landscape has completely changed in the last 10 years. She has shifted pricing, service options, and delivery, and built a firm that is a true partner in acquiring and retaining top talent. In every piece of service provided, the goal is to help clients discover the people and processes that allow them to grow and meet their strategic initiatives.

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