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La Suprema Member Breakfast: St. Patty's Edition

Happy St. Patrick's Day from your neighborhood coworking space! At La Suprema Works, we shared a homemade breakfast together in the gorgeous courtyard. We got so *lucky* to have the best members.

Having been to Ireland, I was longing for Irish music and Irish soda bread. I decided to attempt making homemade soda bread (but not gonna lie, I bought some backup from Trader Joe's).

The best part is that there's not yeast — so no need to let it rise. It was lovely having the aroma of fresh bread throughout the coworking space. We had it out all day for folks to grab a slice with some Kerrygold butter (which makes ALL the difference).

Community Development Intern, Kat, and I arrived early to make potatoes, eggs, and bangers so members could grab a plate and enjoy breakfast together in the courtyard.

After being a year into the pandemic, the little moments of sharing breakfast together with people other than your roommates feels so special. We had such a great time that we're going to make this a monthly event, so share your favorite breakfast ideas with us for inspiration for the next one.

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