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La Suprema's Bonus Members

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

We love to talk about our members, but recently, we've been thinking about the extended family of our members, their pets! Everyone loves a cute puppy, kitten, rabbit, reptile, or bird (no matter the type or size) we love all animals! Did you know that La Suprema is pet friendly? We welcome our members to bring their furry best friend with them to cowork.

Did you know that pet friendly work environments boost overall morale? I mean if you were having a rough day at work and then suddenly saw your coworkers cat sleeping, wouldn't your mood be lifted too? It is instant stress relief to see animals in the workplace. Coworking with pets is like animal therapy. People won't be prone to leaving their work environment frazzled due to increased stress levels and productivity would be boosted.

If you are looking for that perfect pet companion check out these non-profit organizations that can help you discover your new BFF! Pima Animal Care Center Humane Society of Southern Arizona

We care about our member's families and we asked them to send us information about their furry friends. Enjoy browsing through a few of our member's adored pets!

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