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Meet Our New Community Intern: Vanessa

Vanessa Perez

Vanessa is a University of Arizona student who is an aspiring Veterinarian. She also works as a Cheerleading Coach at San Miguel High School. Vanessa is a Tucson native, although she has lived in Missouri and Mississippi in the recent past. Vanessa is eager to learn more about the team and is excited to get to know the members of the community! We are excited to have her here at La Suprema!

In the past, Vanessa has worked with the community for Pima County (PACC) as an Animal Protections Officer, assisting animals and animal owners. She conducted presentations about PACC's impact in the community and has even worked alongside all law enforcement agencies in the Pima County Area. Vanessa worked at a local community center as a Recreation Aide, working with kids, seniors, and coordinating other community events. With her extensive knowledge of the Tucson area and community, Vanessa feels very confident in helping the La Suprema community grow!

Apart from knowing Tucson, Vanessa enjoys spending time with family and her handsome rescue, Diesel.

How did you get started with what you’re doing now?

I learned about La Suprema through Community Manager, Crystal! She previously worked at San Miguel High School where I graduated. Our family grew together over the years. She contacted me to ask if I would be interested in an internship. When I heard of La Suprema, I became excited knowing that I would get to learn more about the community and how it continues to grow! I believed that this would be a great opportunity for me to grow with La Suprema.

What is a typical day like in your life?

I am constantly busy! I work my butt off but love to plan things out! I spend most of my time with family and spoil my dog, Diesel. (He is spoiled because he is the only child!)

What is your best productivity hack?

I usually have an organized mess. I always have a notebook around to organize my thoughts throughout the day. With my to do list, I am able to complete all the things that I planned to do. I also will have reminders of items around me that may look like a mess, but its there to remind me of things that I have to do.

Favorite part of La Suprema?

The Community! I am eager to meet members and get to know more about everyone and their businesses. I feel like La Suprema has so much to offer and I am ready to help promote how great we are.

Best Hidden Gem in Tucson?

The desert nights. Not is it only better because it gets cooler, but you're also able to see the stars! It's so beautiful!

Coffee or Tea?

Chai Tea is my favorite! BUT I do like a little coffee with my sugar!

What inspires you?

Being around people who have innovative ideas! I love being around creative people because it helps spark my creativity.

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