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Member Blog Series: Cathy J. Brown

Next up in our Member Blog Series is Cathy J. Brown! Cathy is the president of Senior Healthcare Partnerships, which is an independent insurance agency specializing in Senior Insurance Solutions. Keep reading below to learn more about Cathy and what she does.

Cathy J. Brown, Senior Healthcare Partnership, LLC

When did you start what you’re doing now?


What is a typical day like?

Up at 5:30 AM - sometimes fielding phone calls from my New England Medicare Brokers; Business Day formally begins at 7:30 AM with virtual meetings, conference calls with Medicare Carriers and my Brokers in 14 States; Lunch? No time, grab a protein snack; Afternoon - More Member interaction with Medicare coaching, education, clarifying "next steps", and enrolling them into the best Medicare health plan to fit their unique needs! Dinner - perhaps, if I have time to cook!

What are your top productivity hacks?

Google My Business for office location; Facebook Groups; LinkedIn for networking.

What is your favorite part of La Suprema?

The management team and the full campus!

Best hidden gem in Tucson?

The Parish — incredible food and fun ambiance!

Coffee or Tea?


What inspires you?

TRAVEL; Meeting people with curiosity; emotionally accepting a new challenge; learning a new language (I currently speak English, Italian and French); Fine Wines (I hold an International Level II WSET Designation from the Napa Valley Wine Academy); COOKING!

If you're interested in experiencing this community first hand and meeting folks like Cathy, join us for a free day of coworking or schedule a tour here!

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