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Member Blog Series: Colleen Kelley

Meet one of our newest members — Colleen! Colleen is the creator of CHEMysteries, which is a series that introduces middle school students to science and chemistry topics.

Colleen has a PH.D. in Chemistry from the Pennsylvania State University, over 40 peer-reviewed publications, and is a member of the Chemistry Department at the University of Arizona. We're so glad she's a member at La Suprema!

Colleen Kelley, CHEMysteries

How did you get started with what you’re doing now?

I wanted to create a chemistry curriculum in a fun and understandable platform.

What is a typical day like for you?

I teach chemistry at the University of Arizona as my career. However, I love it when I have a chunk of time to write episodes of CHEMysteries!

What is your best productivity hack?

Checking off boxes and writing with a co-author.

Favorite part of La Suprema?

The Vibe!!!

Best Hidden Gem in Tucson?

The U of A Rec Center pool.

Coffee or Tea?


What inspires you?

My vision.

If you're interested in experiencing this community first hand and meeting folks like Colleen, join us for a free day of coworking or schedule a tour here!

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