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Member Blog Series: Shawn Campbell

Spotlighting the businesses of our members is just one of the ways we work to support our members. Shawn Campbell, of Campbell Marketing Group, was one of our first members, being with us since March 2019. Read more below to learn more about Shawn and his work!

Shawn Campbell, Campbell Marketing Group


How did you get started with what you’re doing now?

I was a social media analyst for Kia Motors America, got turned down for a promotion, got mad about it, and started my own social media agency as a result.

What is a typical day like running your business?

There really isn't a "typical day". What I can say is that I start at 5:30 AM each morning and go until about 5:00 PM, and work on weekends.

What are your top productivity hacks?

Taking breaks every 90 minutes or so instead of grinding through many hours at a time.

Favorite Part of La Suprema?

The staff, of course!

Best Hidden Gem in Tucson?

Coffee or Tea?

Coffee — and lots of it!

What inspires you?

Wanting to leave a legacy.

If you're interested in experiencing this community first hand and meeting folks like Shawn, join us for a free day of coworking or schedule a tour here!

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