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Member Spotlight: Dani Schiess

Dani Schiess, DS Management

How did you get started with what you’re doing now?

I was running a coworking space in San Diego (WeWork) and a young female professional walked in looking for space to rent. When I asked who she works for she humbly replied "I work for myself". I was so inspired. In my eyes she was this bad*** entrepreneur who was making enough money to buy her own office space. I wanted that, so I began working towards it.

What is a typical day like for you?

Personally I gotta start with a little workout (usually nothing over 30 minutes), a walk with my pup, and listening to The Daily on my drive to La Suprema! Professionally I like to start my day researching social media trends and best practices to stay current in the industry. Then I like to look into my clients insights and analytics to see what's working and potentially what isn't. From there I typically get to work on creating and scheduling content for my clients and if I have time, I get to work on creating content for my business as well.

What is your best productivity hack?

Setting a timer when I'm doing research. Social media can be a big black hole if I don't set timers when I'm scrolling to look for what's trending. Snacking throughout the day. It helps keep my energy up and it's good for me to stand up, take a little walk and look at something other than a screen for even a few moments. Notice when my productivity has crashed, and honor that. Some days I feel productive and creative the entire day and accomplish quite a bit. Other days I don't feel as energized and I struggle to get any work done. I try to honor both of these things. On the days where my productivity is low I turn to things that refill my cup, i.e. napping, playing with my dog, cooking a great meal, pottery, etc. And on the days I feel productive I do and create as much as I want. It feels like a great work life balance that fosters authenticity.

Favorite part of La Suprema?

Creating a space that's my own! I've also loved seeing old friends and making new one's here. Shout out to Adam, Kurt, David, Bart, Angela, Scott, Leigh Ellen, Hillary, Crystal, Esther, Gina, and Maya! If I haven't met you yet I'm truly looking forward to it :)

Best Hidden Gem in Tucson?

Oh man.. so many. Well, I'm a sucker for a good speakeasy and Tough Luck Club really is a staple for me. Their drinks are incredible and I love a good moody ambiance every once in a while.

Coffee or Tea?

Coffee! But decaf.. not by choice haha, it's because of a heart thing.

What inspires you?

A life that's dedicated to living rather than working 40+ hours a week.

If you're interested in experiencing this community first hand and meeting folks like Dani, join us for a free day of coworking or schedule a tour here!

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