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Member Spotlight: Ersin Akinci

It's no secret that our members are an essential ingredient to what makes La Suprema so special. This week, we're shining the member spotlight on Ersin Akinci with BuildQuick.

How did you get started with what you're doing now?

I've been programming since age 8 and made my way into tech after leaving grad school. I've been a web developer for 10 years, mostly freelance and consulting and recently worked for I really enjoyed the people and the company and realized there's a big market for similar tools (website builders like Wix). I found a way to make my own company work and realized what is best suited for me is flowing from one point to another.

What gets you out of bed every morning and what does a typical day look like?

Right now, the excitement of getting to work on my company and working with customers on intellectually challenging problems; the growth, collaboration and problem solving! I usually arrive at La Suprema in morning and work into the night. I'm working long hours to get everything off the ground.

What's something you wish more people knew about your industry?

Within the tech industry, there's a stereotype of big titans like the Bezos and Zuckerberg's that depersonalizes others. There's a lot of deeply creative, passionate software engineers who care about their communities, giving back, art and what just makes life good. We're not all mindless tech bros and the innovation and focus of simplifying can exist at the crossroads of doing good

How do you elicit inspiration?

I hike, go to the mountains, camp - seek out nature. I return with a new perspective, so that I can let things go and make space for the new.

Favorite part of La Suprema?

The people! It's more important than ever to find community; the random conversations are everything and have the ability to transform into more over time. The physical amenities are great too; it's nicest coworking space I've been to (and I've been to many).

You're talking to a first-time visitor to Tucson, what hidden gem do you recommend?

Sabino canyon (although not really hidden). It feels very spiritual, like a "cathedral" and of course, all the trails within the city. Nature is extremely accessible in Tucson with some beautiful locations.

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