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Productivity Hacks for 2022

Resolutions are so last year! I think we can all relate to committing ourselves to unrealistic goals and proudly touting our resolutions, only to give them up a few months later.

According to multiple studies, around 80% of New Year's resolutions fail.

So why do we continue making these resolutions only to give up later? This year, instead of making resolutions, why not try something new every week or every month to improve your life?

Making small changes over the year and giving yourself smaller goals to accomplish is less intimidating than a resolution for a whole year, and can lead to amazing changes over the course of 12 months.

Below is a list of some of our team's (the La Suprema team) favorite productivity hacks. Instead of a resolution this year, try incorporating smaller changes into your life little by little.

Limit your screen time

These last couple years have certainly been the years of the screen. From Zoom happy hour to TikToks to working from home, the trials and tribulations of this year caused us all to be glued to our screens.

While some screen time is inevitable, in 2022, try limiting your screen time when you can. Take walks outside, swap the iPad & stylus for paper and pen, and put phones away during time with family and friends.

Set daily goals

Goal setting for the year is great, but why not set small goals for the day as well? At the start of each day, think of three main goals you want to accomplish. During your day, focus and prioritize these goals.

Having goals for the day can help with focus and productivity. It will also help with a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day!

Take a walk

Take a hike — we mean it! Moving your body every day has some amazing benefits. While joining a CrossFit class or buying a Peloton can be expensive and intimidating, taking a walk outdoors is one of the easiest, best ways to move your body.

Starting the day with a nice walk can improve your mood and productivity for the day. You can even invite some friends to walk with you and have some time to enjoy each other's company. In 2022, try to get outdoors more and enjoy nature, that is until it's 115 degrees outside!

Eliminate distractions

Having 30 tabs open or a phone that won’t stop buzzing can really harm one’s productivity. Organization, both online and off, is crucial to a productive workday.

When working from home or from a computer, try eliminating distractions as much as possible. Only have tabs open that you need and turn off notifications.

Celebrate little victories

It’s important to recognize your own hard work! It is so easy to get caught up that we forget how much we’ve done. Crossing off tasks on your to-do list or answering those emails you’ve been putting off is a reason to celebrate!

After completing tasks, reward yourself by taking a snack break, getting a cup of coffee, or taking a 5-minute stroll.

Try some new tunes

Did you know music can actually increase productivity? There are hundreds of playlists and soundtracks online designed to help focus and productivity. Whether you blast tunes during work or usually work in silence, why not try experimenting with different music? There are a number of collections of music that can help your brain, so experiment and find which songs will be your new work playlist.

Start a meditation practice

Life gets busy and hectic. It can be hard to find time to slow down and actually relax. Meditation has shown to have benefits for the body and mind. It has been shown to improve mood, reduce stress, and ease anxiety to name a few benefits. Meditation can be done practically anywhere and requires no special tools. There are some great Youtube videos and podcasts for beginners to the practice.

Show your gratitude

While its been a rough couple years, it has become more important than ever to be thankful for everything we do have. Practicing gratitude is an easy way to change your life. Every morning, think of a few things or people you are grateful for. Making gratitude lists or having a gratitude journal is an easy way to start.

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