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What's Your Word?

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Note: We originally wrote about this this practice in 2021. It's been updated with a new worksheet in 2023 to carry on the tradition!

This year we're exchanging resolutions for an intention. One word that can guide your year and invite more of what you want to achieve into your life.

Inspired by Christine Kane, of, we created a quick worksheet so La Suprema Members and our community can discover their intention for 2021.

Members at La Suprema can post their word in a visual space in our common area so we can spark conversation and hold each other accountable. Just one of the many benefits of working from a coworking space in Tucson.

Download this PDF to get started, and share your word with us here! *Updated for 2023!*

Word of the year - 2023
Download PDF • 111KB

Maybe your word is balance, and achieving that line between work and personal life. Perhaps its growth, and growing your network and your business. It could be joy, in which you want to feel more joy in your everyday life — so working alongside awesome people and ditching the lonely WFH lifestyle would benefit you.

If you think working from a coworking space could align with your word, then let us know!

If you want to join a community of dreamers and doers in Southern Arizona, then it's time to schedule a tour here to check out the magic of La Suprema Coworking.

Happy Word Discovery, everyone!

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