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Why I loved Hosting My Grad Party at La Suprema

As some of you may know, I graduated from the University of Arizona this year! Upon starting my senior year, I figured COVID-19 restrictions would prevent me from celebrating my graduation as I normally would. Graduation ceremonies, parties, dinners with family and friends... I didn’t think I would get any of it! I accepted that early on and knew the pandemic inevitably was going to affect my senior year experience.

When vaccines started becoming available to the public, I grew excited in anticipation of having a graduation ceremony. We were slowly moving towards normalcy and it felt great! When UA announced they would be having in-person graduations, I remember frantically texting all of my friends in excitement. Despite the pandemic turning our entire college experience upside down, we were going to be able to walk!

Soon after the news was announced, my family and I were able to get vaccinated. I was overjoyed about all of it. However, I still wasn’t sure if I wanted to have a graduation party. At one of the La Suprema happy hours, my cousin and La Suprema Community Manager, Alex were asking me if I was having a graduation party. Alex said I could host it at La Suprema, so I decided to host a party!

Courtyard setup for the event

La Suprema's event venue was the perfect place to host my party. It was Sunday in the early afternoon, and luckily it was not too warm outside yet. One of the benefits of hosting an event here is the access to both the inside and outside areas. All of the food for the party was inside with the AC. We had sandwiches and charcuterie, so we wanted to make sure everything stayed fresh.

Inside food setup

With the food & presents arranged inside, the outside had lots of decorations and the bar. The space is already beautiful with the abundance of plants and comfy seating, so we didn’t need to bring too many decorations or tables. We did hang up a few banners & added centerpieces to the tables.

When my family and I were setting up, we made sure to put all the umbrellas up so everyone had shade. The bartender for the party brought a tent so all the drinks were covered.

Bartender tent outside

During the party, people floated between the inside and outside. All of the seating available was amazing and helped everyone mingle! All of my friends and family who had never been here loved the space and asked for a La Suprema tour. It was fun for me to be able to show everyone where I work during the party!

Food inside

I have always loved working in the coworking space, but hosting my own event here just showed me how versatile & incredible La Suprema is. My graduation party was an absolute blast and that’s because of this gorgeous event venue! I can’t wait to plan & host more events here in the future.

Interested in hosting your own event at La Suprema? Click here for more information.

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