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Congrats to La Suprema Growth Grant Recipient, Liz Hernandez!

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

The La Suprema Growth Grant was designed to support a small business owner, entrepreneur, creative, and/or remote worker in the Tucson community right now. We couldn't more delighted to congratulate and welcome Liz Hernandez to La Suprema Works!

Liz is currently working on launching an e-commerce art site called ARTEZONA Gallery that is designed to advance artistic expression, support working artists, and offer people a way to live with art:

Knowing that it’s not possible to be all things to all people, I decided to create a niche brand with hand-picked ‘curated’ collections of art by professional artists. Most of the artists who will be featured on the ARTEZONA Gallery website are Tucson-based and strong bonds of trust have formed between us over the years.

Liz has owned and operated contemporary art galleries in Tucson and Scottsdale, and earned her stripes as a creative entrepreneur, art curator, buyer advisor, and self-identifies as an advocate for artists and the arts in Tucson.

She says that, "the transition from 'brick and mortar' operations to a strictly online venture is not as easy as I thought. Like many entrepreneurs these days, I spend most of my waking hours working from home in isolation with the exception of Zoom meetings with my web guys and a few business webinars."

I feel that membership at a co-working space like La Suprema would help me connect with like-minded creatives who are courageously venturing out on their own too. I also think that having a quiet zen space to go to will allow me to get out of my house, refresh my mindset, and inspire a new work rhythm in my day. 

When asked how she will contribute to the La Suprema community, Liz responded thoughtfully: "I have lived, worked, and volunteered for many years in Tucson, and I know a lot of people from many sectors and backgrounds. As an advocate for creativity, diversity, change, and community growth, I am a connector as well as a mentor and collaborator."

I'd love to be part of a coworking space that helps bring a diverse group of people together and encourages strategic partnerships. I would be excited to exchange ideas, facilitate introductions if asked, and just be of service in any way I can. If the opportunity exists to learn ways to expand my business and help others too, I will certainly embrace it!

Liz was awarded a Dedicated Desk Membership (24/7 access and more) and two hours of strategic business coaching with La Suprema Co-Founder and Executive Business Coach, Gina Catalano.

Want to know what it's like to work from an inspiring (and safe) environment for the day? Join us with a free day pass!

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