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Female-Owned Businesses in Tucson

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Every March, International Women’s Day is celebrated across the globe. The entire month of March is Women’s History Month, which is a month dedicated to celebrating and recognizing the accomplishments of women.

La Suprema Community Manager, Alex Biddle,

and Co-Founders Gina Catalano and Katina Koller

Tucson is home to a number of incredible female-owned businesses. For those that don’t know, La Suprema Works is female-owned and operated. La Suprema was founded by Gina Catalano and Katina Koller, both successful entrepreneurs, businesswomen, and leadership coaches.

Below is a list of some incredible women-owned businesses around town, including a few that are housed at La Suprema! Check them out below and let us know your other local favorites.

Antigone Books

Since 1973, Antigone Books has been one of Tucson’s favorite independent bookstores. The store was opened by Trudy Mills after she left her job teaching women’s studies at the University of Arizona. When it first opened, Antigone books only sold feminist literature and research but has since greatly expanded its collection. Fun fact: Antigone prides itself on being 100% solar-powered. Visit Antigone Books on 4th Ave. or shop online here.

Nossa Imports

Dale Ott opened Nossa Imports, a wine import company, with her husband Stephen. Dale has over 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry. She is also a CMS level 2 certified sommelier (!!!!!) with an extensive wine, spirit, beer, and food knowledge and over 8 years of management and leadership experience. Her experience helped her open her own company, which she now runs out of La Suprema.

Boca Tacos Y Tequila

Chef Maria Mazon wanted to bring the Sonoran-style Mexican food she grew up with to Tucson. As a chef, it is important to her to bring a taste of her hometown, Sonora Mexico, to the Tucson Food scene. Boca has a selection of unique tacos, including octopus and tofu. Pair the delicious tacos with any of Boca’s homemade salsa for the perfect meal. Dine-in or order online here.

Berry Consulting

Tasha Berry recently moved to Tucson after starting her own marketing and consulting firm. Located in La Suprema, Berry Consulting specializes in branding, marketing strategy, product marketing, sales enablement, content, and events. Tasha has over 14 years of experience developing and executing B2B marketing strategies that drive awareness and revenue for brands both large and small. Check out her website here to learn more!

Creative Kind

Creative Kind is a place for people to gather, connect over creativity, and make or discover something beautiful. At their La Encantada storefront, they host instructed craft workshops and sell curated goods from small businesses and local makers. They also offer an array of virtual classes, including vision board and embroidery workshops. Creative Kind was founded by Theresa Delaney in September of 2015. She now runs the shop with Hilari Ross. Visit them in person or learn more about their virtual workshops here.

Sydney's Sweet Shoppe

Sydney Adams, a Tucson local, opened up Sydney's Sweet Shoppe to share her family's recipes with the community. Her grandmother, Pat, taught her how to bake and she continues her legacy by making the same pies her grandmother made. While Sydney has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Arizona, she took her passion and love for baking and created Sydney's Sweet Shoppe. The shop offers a variety of cream and fruit pies, which can even be made vegan or gluten-free to satisfy any diet. Order your pies online or visit the storefront on Tanque Verde.

Unparalleled 501

Perla Rivera-Miguel created her own clothing and apparel business, Unparalleled 501, in February. Originally from San Diego, Perla moved to Tucson to pursue a healthcare degree at the University of Arizona. She decided to create a clothing company to follow her passions. Unparalleled 501 has the motto of “Comfort for Kindness”, as the clothing is stylish and comfortable and Perla will be donating a percentage of the profits to charity. Check out her online shop here and support her mission.

Markit Rockit

Markit Rockit, founded by La Suprema member Jenny Stern, is an e-marketing and website design company for small businesses. Markit Rockit acts as the Marketing Consultant with personalized service and affordable rates. Jenny Stern is an e-Marketing Specialist and Consultant who works individually with her clients building an on-going relationship. She has 10+ years of experience with digital marketing strategy, specifically for local restaurants, e-commerce, hospitality, legal services, mortgage, and software clients. If you’re looking for marketing help for your business, check out Markit Rockit here.

Why I Love Where I Live

Why I Love Where I Live was started as an exercise in practicing gratitude and appreciation for the place that you’re in. Kristin Tovar, a local Tucsonan, created an Instagram page about Tucson to foster and develop an appreciation for her home. The concept of celebrating the unique aspects of Tucson has developed and Why I Love Where I Live now has a storefront in the MSA Annex. The shop focuses on items that display local pride, such as local hand-poured candles, handmade jewelry, Tucson-inspired masks, and more. If you’re not comfortable shopping in person, an online store is available as well.

Tucson Thrift Shop

Arlene Leaf opened Tucson Thrift shop on 4th avenue with her father in 1979. Tucson Thrift was created with the intent of raising money for the City of Hope Hospital, which was the hospital her father went to when he underwent cancer treatment. Almost 50 years later, the shop is still thriving. The store specializes in vintage and costume attire. In addition to clothing, they have fun accessories including hats, masks, sunglasses, and jewelry. Shop online here.

Pop Cycle

Founded in 2008, Pop Cycle is dedicated to fostering sustainability through its collection of upcycled art, re-used products, and refurbished items. Libbey Tobey is the current general manager at Pop Cycle. The store is home to two in-house lines, DDCO Designs and Monster Booty Threads. The collection of local goods includes art, ceramics, books, clothing, and more. For a new and unique way to support local art, check out their Box, a monthly subscription box that features a collection of mystery items, including two items made by local artists. Visit the in-person shop at 422 N. 4th Ave. or shop online.

Ghini's French Café

Offering authentic French cuisine, Ghini’s was opened by Coralie Satta when she was only 21 years old. Since 1992, the cafe has been serving recipes developed by Coralie’s grandmother, who grew up in France. Popular menu items include crepes, Croque Madame, and eggs provencal. The restaurant has won awards such as best breakfast and best french. Stop in for breakfast or lunch and check out their menu here.

Have a business to add to the list? Comment below or email us at Happy shopping!

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