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How Two Power House C-Suite Women Opened a Coworking Space in Tucson

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Gina Catalano and Katina Koller are two of my real life superheroes, and together, they're unstoppable. They met a few years ago here in Tucson, and wanted to bring a community-focused coworking space to the Barrio Viejo neighborhood, just a few blocks south of Downtown Tucson.

Gina is a fractional COO for growth minded entrepreneurs and companies, referred to as the CEO's "Swiss Army Knife." Katina is an EOS Implementer and Vistage Group Chair. Like I said, they both serve as incredible role models and mentors to me as the La Suprema Community Manager.

Gina and Katina were featured on the Everything Coworking podcast with coworking trend expert Jamie Russo. And let me ya, it's a GREAT listen.

I've worked closely with Gina and Katina for the last year, but this episode told stories I haven't heard before. Their stories are incredible, and show their passion for community, their vision, and positive mindset.

They explain the 10 month renovation project of a former La Suprema tortilla factory, now La Suprema Works & Events, and why they decided to open a coworking space in Tucson.

Gina and Katina are expert storytellers and they drop nuggets of wisdom throughout the episode. They also share how we sold out during a global pandemic.

If this all sounds exciting to you (which it totally is), you can listen to the episode here.


If you want to hear Part 2 of this series with Community Manager, Alex, check it out here.

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